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What can Service Empire Concierge do for you?
  • Research
    Interested knowing which restaurants offer private rooms for meetings? Or which stores have a specific product you are looking for?
  • Multiple Phone Calls
    Your Service Empire Concierge can call several different places to get answers to your questions.
  • Long and Short Lists
    No matter what are your questions, Service Empire concierge is able to put together a list of answers that meet your specifications.
  • Finding Lost Items
    Service Empire Concierge is able to make the necessary calls to find lost or missing items in airports, taxi or hotel, and will make the necessary arrangements for you to retrieve your possessions.
  • Restaurant Reservations
    You can now make all your restaurant reservations using only a click of a button; Service Empire Concierge will handle the job of getting through to your desired restaurant and set up a dinner reservation.
  • Travel Arrangements
    Let your Service Empire Concierge handle all your travel arrangements, including air, rental car, limo, cruise ship and hotel arrangements according to your preferences, including arrangements for sightseeing excursions and sundry other activities.
  • Reservations & Tickets
    You can use your Service Empire Concierge to get tickets to sport events, entertainment movies and theaters, sometimes even when the event is sold out.
  • Virtual Assistant
    Service Empire offers human concierge right from your phone; your concierge awaits your requests.